Eucacia Nursery 5cm Tube List for AUGUST 2018

Notice to all our customers.

The company is facing a difficult time at preset due to ongoing personal problem.
This is effecting the high level of service we are normally proud to offer.
Thankyou for you patients and support during this time.

Wholesale price list, all prices exclude GST. Delivery available throughout SA & eastern states.
Free delivery and/or 10% discount applied to large orders and regular customers trading within terms.
Plants are supplied in 5cm tubes, 42 per tray. Please see our contacts page for other Term and Conditions.
Picture labels available for most varieties upon request. Tubes can be individually labelled. Please add 15%.

Please note: Corymbia sp. are listed as Eucalyptus.
RV = Revegatation Grade. Older stock good for direct planting. Not retail quality.
LTD = Numbers are limited, generally less than 100

Plant Name Common Name Price
Acacia acinacea Gold Dust Wattle $0.95
Acacia boormanii Snowy River Wattle $0.95
Acacia cognata River Wattle $0.95
Acacia fimbriata RV Fringed Wattle $0.95
Acacia howittii Sticky Wattle $0.95
Acacia implexa Lightwood $0.95
Acacia iteaphylla Willow - Leaved Wattle $0.95
Acacia melanoxylon Blackwood $0.95
Acacia myrtifolia Red Stem wattle $0.95
Acacia podalyiifolia Mt Morgan Wattle $0.95
Acacia pravissima Ovens Wattle $0.95
Acacia retinoides Wirildda, Swamp Wattle $0.95
Acacia verticillata LTD Prickly Mosses $0.95
Acacia vestita Hairy Wattle $0.95
Acmena smithii Lily Pily $0.95
Acmena smithii Minor Small Lily Pily $1.10
Allocasuarina cuninghamiana River She Oak $0.95
Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping She Oak $0.95
Angophera costata Smooth Bark Apple $0.95
Angophera floribunda - RV LTD Rough Bark Apple $0.95
Anigozanthos flavidus Red Red Kangaroo Paw $0.95
Arthropodium milliflorum Vanilla Lily $0.95
Atriplex cinerea Grey Saltbush $0.95
Banksia ericifolia RV Heath Banksia $0.95
Banksia integrifolia RV Coast Banksia $0.95
Callistemon citrinus Crimson Bottlebrush $0.95
Callistemon pallidus Lemon Bottlebrush $0.95
Callistemon salignus White Bottle Brush $0.95
Callistemon sieberi River Bottlebrush $0.95
Callistemon viminalis Red Weeping Bottlebrush $0.95
Carex appresa Common Sedge $0.95
Carex inversa RV Knob Sedge $0.95
Carex tereticaulis Rush Sedge $0.95
Carpobrotus rossii LTD RV Pig Face $0.95
Cassinia aculeata Dogwood $0.95
Cassinia longifolia LTD Shiny Cassinia $0.95
Daviesia latifolia Hop Bitter Pea $0.95
Dianella caerulea Paroo Flax lily $1.10
Dianella longifolia Flax lily $1.10
Dodonaea viscosa Hop Bush $0.95
Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea Purple Hop Bush $0.95
Eucalyptus caesia ssp. Magna Silver Princess $0.95
Eucalyptus cinera Silver Dollar Tree $0.95
Eucalyptus erythrocorys Red Cap Gum $0.95
Eucalyptus eximia Yellow Bloodwood $0.95
Eucalyptus eximia nana Dwarf Yellow Bloodwood $1.10
Eucalyptus gregsoniana (Syn. Pauciflora Nana) Little Snowgum $0.95
Eucalyptus manifera Brittle Gum $0.95
Eucalyptus ovata - RV LTD Swamp Gum $0.95
Eucalyptus platypus Moort $0.95
Eucalyptus polyanthemos Red Box $0.95
Eucalyptus torquata Coral Gum $0.95
Eucalyptus viminalis Manna Gum $0.95
Juncus flavidus Yellow Rush $0.95
Juncus usitatus RV Common Rush $0.95
Kunzea baxteri Scarlet Kunzea $0.95
Kunzea ericoides Burgan $0.95
Leptospermum laevigatum Coastal Tea Tree $0.95
Leptospermum lanigerum - RV LTD Wooly Tea Tree $0.95
Leptospermum petersonii Lemon Scented Tea-Tree $0.95
Lomandra longifolia Lomandra Mat Rush $0.95
Lophostemon confertus Queensland Brush Box Tree $0.95
Melaleuca diosmifolia Green Honey Brushes $0.95
Melaleuca ericifolia Swamp Paperbark $0.95
Melaleuca linearifolia Snow in Summer $0.95
Melaleuca nesophila Showy Honey Myrtle $0.95
Melaleuca thymifolia Thyme Honey Myrtle $0.95
Melaleuca wilsonii Violet Honey Myrtle $0.95
Olearia lirata Snow Daisy Bush $0.95
Ozothamnus ferrugineous - RV Tree Everlasting $0.95
Poa sieberiana Snow Tussock Grass $0.95
Pomaderis aspera - RV Hazel Pomaderis $0.95
Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass $0.95