Eucacia Nursery 7cm Tube List for SEPTEMBER 2017

Notice to all our customers.

The company is facing a difficult time at preset with an ongoing personal crisis. This is effecting the level of service we are
normally proud to offer. The challanges increased recently with severe frost reducing our already low stock levels. I appologise
for the inconvience this causes and thank you for you patients and support as we work hard in restoring buiness as usual.

Very limited stock in this range at this time.

Delivery available throughout eastern states.
Free delivery and/or 10% discount applied to large orders and regular customers trading within terms.

7cm Tubes are coloured yellow and individually labeled, ideal for retail display.
Wholesale price list, all prices exclude GST.
Plants are supplied 20 tubes per tray.

Please note: Corymbia sp. are listed as Eucalyptus.