Eucacia Nursery 7cm Tube List for JULY 2017

Wholesale price list, all prices exclude GST.
Delivery available throughout SA & eastern states.
Free delivery and/or 10% discount applied to large orders and regular customers trading within terms.

7cm Tubes are coloured yellow and individually labeled, ideal for retail display.
Wholesale price list, all prices exclude GST.
Plants are supplied 20 tubes per tray.

Please note: Corymbia sp. are listed as Eucalyptus.

Plant Name Common Name Price
Acmena smithii Minor Small Lily Pily $1.75
Adenanthos measneri Prostrate Wooly Bush $1.00
Adenanthos sericeus Wooly Bush $1.75
Arthropodium "Matapouri Bay" Arthripdium "Matapouri Bay" $0.50
Brachyscome multifida Break of Day Daisy $1.00
Callistemon "King`s Park Special" Callistemon "King`s Park Special" $1.75
Carpobrotus rossii Pig Face $1.75
Correa "Dusky Bells" Correa "Dusky Bells" $1.00
Correa "Pink Pixie" Corrrea "Pink Pixie" $1.75
Correa "Redex" Correa "Redex" $1.75
Correa alba Prostrate White Correa, Prostrate Form $1.00
Correa decumbens Spreading Correa $1.00
Correa glabra Rock Correa $1.75
Correa pulchella "Coffin Bay" Correa pulchella "Coffin Bay" $1.75
Eucalyptus caesia ssp. Magna Silver Princess $0.50
Eucalyptus tereticornis Red Gum $0.50
Grevillea "Forest Rambler" Grevillea "Forest Rambler" $1.75
Grevillea lanigera " Mt. Tamboritha" Grevillea "Mt Tamboritha" $1.75
Hakea drupacea Sweet Hakea $1.00
Melaleuca thymifolia Thyme Honey Myrtle $1.00
Ophiopogon japonicus Nana Dwarf Mondo Grass $1.75
Regelia megacephala Purple Regelia $1.75
Westringia Fruticosa "Jervis Gem" Westringia "Jervis Gem" $1.75